Appreciating and Learning From the Parts of Yourself You Don't Like

When you're trying to improve yourself, it's tempting to demonize the traits, thoughts, or behaviors you're trying to change. But, as I discuss here, you can probably benefit from appreciating and exploring them, because the "angel" and the "devil" on your shoulders are really in cahoots.

Using Your Setbacks as Springboards

Setbacks, disappointments, and even tragedies are a fact of life. But they don't have to throw you too far off track. In fact, you can use them as the basis for a redemptive storyline for your life . . . and feelings of deep meaning and satisfaction. Here's a quick overview.

Intrinsic Motivation and Inner Transformation

It's easy to get hung up on the pursuit of extrinsic pursuits like money and power, but those aren't the path to a deep sense of happiness and fulfillment in the long run. In this brief segment, I discuss why an intrinsic orientation can help you to achieve the kind of life you probably really want.

Staying Motivated and Achieving Your Goals

Your motivation can affect your ability to achieve your goals, and vice versa. Here I cover a few fundamental concepts that will help you set long- and short-term goals that will keep you moving AND keep you happy along the way.

When Money and "Things" Just Don't Cut It

Whether you're able to achieve them or not, fixating on the pursuit of extrinsic goals like money, cars, and clothes tends to backfire on you. Here I discuss how you can reorient your efforts away from extrinsic goals, toward intrinsic ones, and feel better right now!

Mindfulness, Core Needs, and Your Right Life

To feel more engaged and satisfied with your life, a great way to start is to dive deeply into your moment-to-moment experience of it. Then, while you're there, take a look around at your core human needs and capacities that you may not be attending to. Hear more on these topics and others in this segments for NTV's Mental Health Monday.

Communication Skills for Dad

Dads don't need to be superheros to make a big difference in their kids' lives. In this interview for the San Diego Living morning show, I stress the need for dads to take it easier on themselves, and provide some communication tips they can use to form stronger bonds with their kids.

Dads: No Need to Be Perfect

Historically, mothers have felt more internal and external pressure to be perfect, but fathers aren't immune to the pressure. In this interview on Let's Talk Live in Washington, D.C., I dispel the myth that dads need to be perfect, discuss their changing roles in the family, and provide some helpful tips for dads. **Please disregard the erroneous link that appears on-screen at the end!**

Rising to the Challenges of Single Fatherhood

Less than half (about 46%) of kids today in the U.S. grow up in a "traditional" nuclear family, meaning that they reside with both parents who are in their first marriage. The remainder live in various "nontraditional" situations, including an increasing number of single father households. In this Family 411 segment, I contribute some insight into the unique challenges facing dads trying to make it work by themselves.

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