About the Right Life Project


At some point you've probably experienced feeling burned out, unfulfilled, or stuck in a life that doesn't feel right for you. Perhaps you've reached a point of major change in your life, or stagnation, and aren't sure what to do. Or you've been coping with a difficult relationship or a destructive (or self-destructive) behavior pattern.

To everyone else, you may very well look like you are, or should be, happy. 

If you're a leader in an organization, you've probably aware that some of your people are struggling to live up to their potential in one way or another, thereby impacting your company's ability to do the same. Doing well as a business, while you and your employees feel great and have fun doing it, might sound pretty good.

I'm making an educated guess that you've experienced or thought these things because you landed here. That you did, and then stuck around long enough to check out some content, and then read more about the Right Life Project and me, says something important.

It says that there is part of you that wants more, and is willing to do something about it. You've likely had your fill of the short-lived, feel-good platitudes and metaphysical mumbo-jumbo that's everywhere these days, courtesy of the self-help gurus out there. And I'm with you. We only get one crack at life, and I don't want to spend it merely living, either.

So, you're probably my kind of person: smart, savvy, and looking for the real deal. That's what I provide. I pore over the latest research in psychology, neurobiology, sociology, and other life and social sciences to bring you sound information, and common-sense strategies to put it to use in your life. I bring to bear the fruits of a 15-year journey of my own, plus my perspective from my other line of work, as a psychotherapist. Plus my experience as a former executive.

The Right Life Project offers a rational approach to human thriving. I can help you claim the energy, productivity, ease, freedom, and happiness—real happiness, not just pleasure—which is our human birthright.

And if you're a leader in an organization, you're in a special position: you can both help your people achieve those things, and benefit from them doing it.

Please feel free to keep exploring the site, and to sign up for my free updates. If you'd like some help putting RLP principles into action, then you can learn more about my coaching for individuals and coaching for organizations

About Jim Hjort


I’m a fortunate person, in that the work I do is entirely in alignment with what makes me tick on the inside. That wasn’t always the case. Years ago, I was a successful executive in private equity, with all of the standard trappings of success. I enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle, VIP travel, fine dining, and an office overlooking San Francisco Bay.

But on the inside, I felt like a mess. My career wasn’t particularly fulfilling to me, I felt lonely even though I had friends, and I bounced between extremes of healthy and unhealthy behavior. Generally, I felt that I was living the wrong life for me.

So, I set off on a 15-year mission that would ultimately lead to my career change, and lay the foundation for the Right Life Project. It took a lot of research, effort, trial and error to gain clarity about human potential and how to achieve it. 

Part of that process for me is helping others. In fact, I started putting my knowledge to work for others' benefit back when I was still in the business world. I moonlighted as an operator on a  crisis line for older adults. I had a knack for the work, and it spoke to me in a way that my finance career never did.

So, I made the decision to obtain formal education and training as a psychotherapist. That afforded me the opportunity to develop and refine what I had learned along the way—the hard way—about unlocking our innate potential.

Nowadays, I am an executive coach and personal coach with firsthand experience of being a struggling-yet-successful professional, and an employee of workplaces that insufficiently support personal growth—to their detriment. I am also a licensed psychotherapist in the state of California, and a mindfulness meditation teacher, certified through the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA.

My unique background gives me a specialized perspective and skill set unmatched by most coaches, and I’ve enjoyed some recognition of that. I’ve been published in a textbook, quoted in high-profile publications, and have appeared on numerous morning talk shows. But those things aren’t what does it for me.

What does, is the front-row seat I have to the greatest show on Earth: people and organizations transforming into their best possible versions. I learned how to thrive from the inside out, and now I help people and companies do the same.

Now I can say that I’m successful in my career and I love my life . . . and I couldn’t always say that second part.