People arrive at the point of seeking help in any number of ways. Some people already have an idea of what’s bothering them and naturally reach out for assistance in treating it, perhaps after running out of ways of trying on their own. Other people have become so accustomed to dealing with a problem that they start to believe that the way they feel is the normal state of affairs: they’ve forgotten what it feels like to feel good. Your path may well be different.

No matter how you arrived here, I'm glad you did.

As a psychotherapist (LCS 63567), I offer therapy for adults, couples, and families coping with difficulties including:

Trauma (historical or recent)AddictionStress
DepressionBipolar DisorderIdentity Crises
AnxietyRelationship DifficultiesPanic Disorder
Existential CrisesGrief and LossInterpersonal Conflict
Personality DisordersLife TransitionsPsychotic Disorders

My first priority in working with you will be to provide a safe environment, conducive to growth and healing, where we can settle in, explore your unique situation, and identify your needs and goals. Then we’ll work toward them as partners, using the therapeutic approach or combination of approaches that is most appropriate. 

I draw from a broad range of therapeutic techniques, including:

Psychodynamic TherapySensorimotor Psychotherapy
Gestalt TherapyCognitive and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Solution-Focused Brief TherapyClinical Hypnosis
Dialectical Behavior TherapyInterpersonal Therapy
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive TherapyMindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
Seeking SafetyAcceptance and Commitment Therapy

In Person: I provide psychotherapy in my office in West Los Angeles. In certain situations, I can provide therapy at the client’s location for an additional fee.

By Video: For clients in California, I offer psychotherapy sessions via an encrypted videoconferencing system. If you are interested in this modality, we will discuss whether it is appropriate for you during our initial consultation.

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