What is a Right Life?

We all have an inborn capacity for happiness, wisdom, and compassion for ourselves and others. This core part of us is sometimes obscured by unhealthy habits of mind or behavior that are biologically influenced or have emerged in response to our environment, including events in our past. Having a Right LifeTM involves cultivating new ways of living that support feelings of freedom and fulfillment, and allow your core self to be active in the world. It is one in which you feel fully alive and free to grow. One in which your life's journey is imbued with meaning.

You probably know that this kind of satisfaction isn't going to be found in your next car, diet, or toothpaste, despite the pressure we all receive to keep searching for happiness in the next external object. Even the pleasurable experiences we have don't last long, and soon enough we are looking for something else to make us feel better again. The relentless pursuit of superficial pleasure can be a futile exercise that condemns us to perpetual dissatisfaction.

Instead, life satisfaction is largely influenced by a number of interdependent internal and relational factors, including:

People who are truly happy and fulfilled tend to share some similarities in these areas, but there is no one way to have a Right LifeTM. The details of yours will look different from anyone else's, of course, because we are all unique. If you want one, though, then your uniqueness is accompanied by a responsibility. You must make an open and honest assessment of where you are now, because only you know how right your life feels. You also happen to be the only one capable of fundamentally changing it.

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