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Have you tried everything you know to make things better, to no avail?

Do you sometimes feel like you're going to lose your mind??

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Communication Skills for Dad

Dads don't need to be superheros to make a big difference in their kids' lives. In this interview for the San Diego Living morning show, I stress the need for dads to take it easier on themselves, and provide some communication tips they can use to form stronger bonds with their kids.

Dads: No Need to Be Perfect

Historically, mothers have felt more internal and external pressure to be perfect, but fathers aren't immune to the pressure. In this interview on Let's Talk Live in Washington, D.C., I dispel the myth that dads need to be perfect, discuss their changing roles in the family, and provide some helpful tips for dads. **Please disregard the erroneous link that appears on-screen at the end!**

Rising to the Challenges of Single Fatherhood

Less than half (about 46%) of kids today in the U.S. grow up in a "traditional" nuclear family, meaning that they reside with both parents who are in their first marriage. The remainder live in various "nontraditional" situations, including an increasing number of single father households. In this Family 411 segment, I contribute some insight into the unique challenges facing dads trying to make it work by themselves.

Five Ways to Start Conquering Your Fears Today

Who likes being afraid? Or appearing to be afraid? Not many people, which is why fear often goes underground. But the fact is that everyone is afraid of something or other. Healthy fear is . . . healthy, but too much of it can be debilitating and keep you stuck in life and unhappy. Here are five tips you can use today to start conquering your fears and taking your life back.

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