Mindfulness, Core Needs, and Your Right Life

To feel more engaged and satisfied with your life, a great way to start is to dive deeply into your moment-to-moment experience of it. Then, while you're there, take a look around at your core human needs and capacities that you may not be attending to. Hear more on these topics and others in this segments for NTV's Mental Health Monday.

Trying to Get Fit? Don't Neglect Your Mind.

Physical health tends to get the lion's share of people's attention when they decide to get in shape, but if you neglect your mind you're neglecting a very important part of your body! Practicing mindfulness meditation provides a wealth of physical and mental health benefits and complements your efforts to achieve whole-life well-being.

Three Communication Habits You NEED for a Successful New Marriage (Or Any Other Relationship)

When things feel effortless, like during the honeymoon phase of a marriage, it's easy to take your relationship for granted and fall into bad habits. It's actually the perfect time to establish healthy communication habits that will bear fruit for years to come. (By the way, these tips aren't exclusive to married people. Put them into practice and you'll be hard-pressed to have a bad relationship with anyone in your life!)

Communication Skills for Dad

Dads don't need to be superheros to make a big difference in their kids' lives. In this interview for the San Diego Living morning show, I stress the need for dads to take it easier on themselves, and provide some communication tips they can use to form stronger bonds with their kids.

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