Six Ways to Achieve Your Resolutions and Feel Happier (All Year!)

People often approach goals with a brute-force approach: just put your head down and push (often in the direction of a shiny object). That approach doesn't tend to make people happy or keep them motivated, though . . . which is why New Year's resolutions tend to flame out quickly. Here's what the science tells us about how to create positive change and feel great while doing it!

Hurt Feelings: When Are They Too Much?

As good as social connection can be, it also leaves us vulnerable to being hurt by others. That's just part of the bargain. But how best to cope with it when it happens? And when are hurt feelings a sign that something inside you could use some attention?

Appreciating and Learning From the Parts of Yourself You Don't Like

When you're trying to improve yourself, it's tempting to demonize the traits, thoughts, or behaviors you're trying to change. But, as I discuss here, you can probably benefit from appreciating and exploring them, because the "angel" and the "devil" on your shoulders are really in cahoots.

Using Your Setbacks as Springboards

Setbacks, disappointments, and even tragedies are a fact of life. But they don't have to throw you too far off track. In fact, you can use them as the basis for a redemptive storyline for your life . . . and feelings of deep meaning and satisfaction. Here's a quick overview.

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