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It's not by chance that I founded the Right Life Project. I faced homelessness as a child and a demoralizing, pervasive sense of unfulfillment as an adult, despite having built a successful career in business. I was driven to discover whether a more fulfilling life was possible.

I began volunteering in the field of suicide prevention for older adults and found deep satisfaction in helping individuals to develop new perspectives on their lives, and craft life narratives that imbued their lives with meaning and a sense of redemption. Ultimately, I felt compelled to leave my career behind to pursue my vision: to help as many people as possible achieve their potential, and develop more balanced, wise, compassionate, and healthy ways of relating to others, the world, and themselves. In doing so, I continue to do the same for myself.

I hold a BA from UCLA in Sociology and Abnormal Psychology, and an MSW from USC, with a concentration in Systems of Recovery from Mental Illness. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California (LCS 63567) and also hold the Certified Mindfulness Facilitator designation from the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior (MARC). I'm an Authorized Teacher of MARC's Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPs) curriculum as well. I regularly participate in advanced trainings in various types of psychotherapy and educational programming covering the latest neurobiological research. Plus, I'm always scouring the research literature in a wide variety of disciplines in order to develop new ideas and action plans for my readers and clients. 

I operate a private psychotherapy practice in West Los Angeles for California residents, and offer personal coaching services for people located everywhere. In my coaching practice, I work with individual and group clients to guide them in putting the principles of the Right Life Project into action. I help them to identify and remove barriers to their wellbeing, with an eye toward achieving the highest levels of self-actualization. Although my coaching clients hail from all walks of life, I often work with people who are frustrated by the lack of happiness and fulfillment they feel despite having achieved traditional markers of success.

I also speak and provide instruction on a variety of topics at healthcare, mental healthcare, and educational institutions and conferences in the Los Angeles area. 

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It's my effort to help and inspire as many people as possible to learn, grow, and take action in the ways necessary to achieve and maintain the most fulfilling lives possible. This often involves developing new ways of approaching your life now, working with issues from your past, and charting a course for your future. I look to psychological theory and practice, theory and research in the life and social sciences, principles of mindful awareness, and philosophy in framing these issues. (This podcast provides a good overview of my approach.) 

By the time I founded the Right Life Project in 2013, I had been working for a public mental health agency in Los Angeles, with people with severe mental illness—many of whom also had problems with addiction and were homeless—to completely rebuild their lives. I had already applied Right Life principles to my own life; with evidence that they could work for other people facing the most extreme challenges, I knew the time was right to share them as widely as possible.

I use the blog and educational programming to help you understand the ways you can work with the different dimensions of your life—the psychological, social, physical, and vocational—to be happier and more at ease, and to reach your full potential. My workshops and classes range from those dealing with issues of psychological and physical health, interpersonal relationships, and livelihood, to the cultivation of wisdom, mindfulness, and compassion in your life.

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