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"A 'top shelf' personal development coach.”

Jim is a “top shelf” personal development coach who is best suited to help high functioning people. His combination of natural insight, coupled with his clinical (psychology) perspective, have enabled him to help me identify dimensions of myself that I couldn’t see for myself. [ + more ]

One thing that differentiates Jim from others is his ability to provide the right next step to move past places where I have become stuck in my own familiar patterns.

Jim has accelerated my own development by helping me see myself more accurately. He consistently works with me to identify sustainable ways to overcome my personal obstacles that seem insurmountable at the time.

If you are highly motivated for positive change, and need a true expert to help you on your journey, Jim is an excellent choice.

David Worley
Vice President of Institutional Advancement & Enrollment
Iliff School of Theology
Denver, CO


Highly recommended!

I brought Jim on to help our team at a time when multiple transitions threatened its stability and effectiveness. He has a gift for connecting deeply with a variety of personality types . . . [ + more ]

. . . and he found creative ways to help us regain a sense of community and constructive communication. It was refreshing to find a coach with these skills as well as business sense.

He helped us through a challenging time, and he continues to work with our key people to bring out their best. Highly recommended!

Nena Davis
Vice President, Development
AltaMed Health Services
Los Angeles, CA

"I'm proud to say that my wife and I have spent more time together in January than we did the last 4 months. In just four coaching hours, I truly believe I have made significant strides in my journey for a Right Life."

— J.P., Salesperson
Phoenix, AZ

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"Happier, less stressed and more satisfied."

Working with Jim is a unique opportunity to be guided through a private, self-directed 360° gap analysis. Together, we unpack and analyze the strengths and personal resources that have helped spur me on to the success I enjoy. [ + more ]

In conducting Jim's comprehensive self-assessment, we also uncovered areas of opportunity for growth.

That includes both low hanging fruit on the tree of building a more fulfilling life as well as big picture, essential goals which too often go neglected in favor of procrastination, self doubt and 'good-enoughism'.

Jim has helped me to realign my focus from externally motivated goals to intrinsic values in a way where nothing was discarded, but rather appropriately shuffled and reordered for achievement and progress in all arenas.

Jim's nonjudgmental, yet unrelenting approach at chipping away at the easy excuses for not delving headfirst into authenticity allows a safe, exciting, motivating, doable space for producing real change in your life.

High level achievers, movers and shakers, and executives accustomed to being in charge will be hard pressed to encounter a coach who can truly meet them at their level—no time for BS, no manipulation or talking themselves back into their comfort zone.

Instead, Jim takes on the role of an honest reflection of his client. He's astute and skilled at truly listening for your goals and then swiftly moves toward tackling the known obstacles and helping to put in place a plan for addressing those hidden ones as well.

He does this with a keen sense of individualized, personalized focus; it's a focus on you, your style, your personality, your goals and your fears.

Over the months working with Jim, I have been able to really articulate key goals, align my trajectory to meet them efficiently, and most importantly, do so in a way that makes me happier, less stressed and more satisfied.

I have always struggled with feeling like I wasn't doing enough, not shooting high enough, not being true enough to my values. Through Jim's coaching, I've made phenomenal progress in pushing through my self-made obstacles, building new habits, and hitting my true targets.

Thank you Jim, you're an amazing coach and an even more wonderful soul.

Michael Fiorentino
Director of Operations
K&B Surgical Center
Beverly Hills, CA


Case Study: Rachel

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"A major shift occurred for me in just six sessions."

Rachel is a smart, insightful psychotherapist in London. That's right—even professional helpers can get stuck sometimes. Rachel was clear what she wanted, but kept getting in her own way.

Interview: David

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"I was in pain and living a life that was clearly unsustainable. Now I am more focused on the things that matter. Your feedback was both uniquely insightful and actionable."

David had spent years on his personal growth effort, but became stuck in a dead end. Now he's attuned to his and others' needs at work and at home. His relationships have improved, and he's gained the ease and clarity he longed for.

Ready for your turn?